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You know what beats on you pretty nastily? Grad school.
At least that’s my excuse for not uploading more of an actual update. Yep, I know I promised photos a while back as well as some worthy content, but I’ll just have to leave folks hanging again for a little while. Content, at least. Here are pics of my last two artings.

I’ll be in New Orleans five days from now and may end up working on a collaborative project or two down there.


Birdhousin’ and Swine Flu Prevention

The mission to provide low-cost, prefabricated housing to Ottawa’s bird community finally saw success yesterday.Birdhouse!
This birdhouse was built entirely out of scrap wood which I found at construction sites or in trash piles. Building it wasn’t that half as much of a challenge as hanging it was.

Due to unforeseen complications related to the wire I chose to hang it with and maintenance workers, I wound up hanging it in a public park.

Swine flu

Go check out the corner of Bank/Slater Streets for the newest streetart piece, courtesy of Elmaks/ MMDCCI


Please Stay Calm…

The birdhouse installation I’d been planning has been pushed back a li’l while due to my lack of a stepladder, which I’m trying to get hold of now.

But stay calm, folks…
Swine flu??

I wanted to make a relatively upbeat swine flu-themed streetart piece. I’ve seen other flu-related streetart and graf from other cities where people have made stencils of coughing pigs or Randall Flagg. But more is coming.