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The Graffiti of Griffintown

more to come….


Griffintown. Montreal

Spacing Montreal has an interesting article/series of pictures on an art-installation piece in the Montreal neighbourhood of Griffintown.

Griffintown, a historic working-class Irish neighbourhood bordering on the Lachine Canal, is a place of contrasts and curiosities bound to bring up visions of a low-rent developers’ game of Cadavre Exquis or something out of the mind of a hung-over Italo Calvino. A shimmering technical school stands several blocks away from a cluster of abandoned factories being gutted by a towering crane or a rundown historic building whose parking-lot houses a mobile-home and several meticulously-maintained horse-drawn carriages.

I’m working on a project in urban planning school which involves conceiving a potential redevelopment plan for this neighbourhood, and I’ll be sure to post updates when they come.