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Urban Pranksterism

Recently I stumbled upon the wonderfully awesome Urban Prankster blog, which features some of the best street art and pranksterism I’ve seen in a long time. So check it out.

This is my favourite.

One of the main reasons for my still enjoying the act of making and putting up streetart has to do with its ability to amuse and entertain the public.I’ve seen kids run up to swap boxes, look inside and then beckon their parents to come over and exchange something of their own for the treasures inside. A lot of the work on this blog fits that notion perfectly…

Just today I was walking by a vine-covered wall and thought it’d be a neat idea to put up a big wheatpaste stencil of Laocoon in behind the Virginia Creeper. But I’m somewhat of a Classics nerd like that…
Although something interesting’s coming in the next few days…


Check out Street Films

Street Films, a project of the Liveable Streets Initiative.

I promise to get back to writing longwinded near-rants one of these days, when I’ve got some more energy. I’ve got an art show coming up in a few weeks that I’ll get to talking about in a little while.

But…from the Liveable Streets Initiative webpage:
“With the majority of the world’s 6.5 billion human beings now living in cities, building healthy, livable and affordable urban environments is critical to the mission of today’s global environmental movement.

The Livable Streets Initiative is an online community for people working to create sustainable cities through sensible urban planning, design, and transportation policy. We provide free, open source, web-based, resources to citizens working to create a greener economy, address climate change, reduce oil dependence, alleviate traffic congestion, and provide better access to good jobs in healthy communities.

We believe that people make a city great. Yet, so many of the world’s great cities dedicate too much of their precious, limited public space – their streets – to motor vehicles rather than people. We are working to redesign our communities around public transportation and walkable, bikeable streets. We are transforming parking lots into public plazas, busy intersections into town squares, and congested highways into bike paths. We are taking back our cities, one street at a time. We invite you to join us!”