Thinking about a book…

Well folks…

It’s been a hectic week in urban planning land, and the pressure is only going to ratchet up as the end of term approaches. Right now I am swamped in notes about form-based codes, zoning regulations, bylaws, potential initiatives and subsidies. Did you know that the City of Montreal has a bylaw prohibiting street vending and has recently passed another which will effectively eliminate the beloved horse carriages of Old Montreal?

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into putting out a small street art and idea book in the new year. I’ve been thinking of how there is little overlap in terms of practical ideas on streetart, public space planning and design, and architecture, and the little bits that do exist are inevitably geared towards official, bureaucratic channels.

I’d like to put out a small, 40-page-maximum book with pictures of some of my streetart pieces, bits of writing about the Swap Box Project, and maybe pictures of other Swap Boxes that others have made around the world. I’d also like for it to include some ideas about what can be done with interactive street art and people/groups/organizations that one can network with to get more done…

I’ve also had a photojournalism student friend of mine follow me around on a streetart mission and take some pictures of a Swap Box in use…so when she gets back to me I’ll post some actual professional-quality pics.

(photos by Hadas Parush)


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