Swap Box time again…

You can find this one over near the intersection of Roy Est/Coloniale...

And today I will be talking to you about Toynbee Tiles.

What are Toynbee Tiles, you might ask??
Toynbee tiles(also known as asphalt mosaics) are a street-art form that first appeared on the streets of early 1980s Philadelphia, where folks began noticing linoleum blocks bearing the words "Toynbee's Idea in Kubrick's 2001- Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter" embedded in the city's streets. Think Space Invader's tiles, only embedded in asphalt rather than mounted on walls. They're one of those city features about which a lot of theories have been tossed around but which there's no concise explanation for...just like pairs of shoes thrown over telephone wires.

Their durability and interesting location has resulted in the Toynbee tile medium being used by street artists worldwide. Here in Montreal, someone has been using them to embed robot figures in crosswalks (which look like they're the work of the Reflectorman project

Toynbee Tile group on Flickr

How to make a Toynbee Tile


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