Street Art in Toronto

The blog Next American City has a great article on the politics of street art and the many opinions people hold about it titledToronto as a Canvas

From the article:
“Last March at the Artlab Gallery in Toronto, a show opened to great buzz – but not for any traditional artist. The gallery walls were filled with art from the city streets, ranging from graffiti to stenciling, from beer-can sculptures to life-size Val Kilmer cut-outs. Curious Torontonians packed the gallery to capacity early, eager to catch a glimpse of the artists who had been secretly altering the city’s streetscapes. Artlab gave legitimacy and artistic stature to what more conservative city groups had cast as examples of vandalism and property rights violations. Meanwhile, local government has been renewing its efforts to combat vandalism and street art, raising the question: who owns Toronto’s public spaces and should a city accept or even exalt street art?”

What are folks’ thoughts on this matter? If you ask me, streetart and graffiti are not going away. They are the world’s first truly international art movements and their DIY ethos has brought about a wide range of fascinating and beautiful mutations of the genre.

What graf and street art is going against are the forces of staticism. If you ask me, those who want to preserve a certain image or structure against all oncomers can be the most dangerous forces at play within any city.

Oh, and check out MaksWerks on Etsy for some awesome art on sale!


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