Oil Prices and Education Funds

NPR’s got a great article up here on the potential positive effects of a drastic spike in the price of crude oil. Christopher Steiner, in his book “$20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better”, lays out a vision of shrinking cities, a return of manufacturing jobs to the United States and a growth in mass-transit and high-speed rail networks.

As someone who’s worked as a roofer, a pothole filler and held jobs at both the Trail Road waste dump and a recycling plant I can attest to the sheer scope of everyday life which revolves around crude oil products. Take a look around you and think of what you might not have anymore when crude oil prices rocket up.

On another note, remember the piece of street art I put up in memory of Kelly Morrisseau last month?

Well, an education fund has been set up for Ms. Morrisseau’s three children, and donations can be made to it by sending a cheque made out to the “National Indian Brotherhood in Trust” to the Assembly of First Nations, 473 Albert St., Suite 810, Ottawa, K1R 5B4. Please specify that you’d like the funds added to the Kelly Morrisseau Education Fund.

And remember… there’s still a killer out there and on the loose. If you’ve got any info, please call it in. We can catch this SOB.


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