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Check out Street Films

Street Films, a project of the Liveable Streets Initiative.

I promise to get back to writing longwinded near-rants one of these days, when I’ve got some more energy. I’ve got an art show coming up in a few weeks that I’ll get to talking about in a little while.

But…from the Liveable Streets Initiative webpage:
“With the majority of the world’s 6.5 billion human beings now living in cities, building healthy, livable and affordable urban environments is critical to the mission of today’s global environmental movement.

The Livable Streets Initiative is an online community for people working to create sustainable cities through sensible urban planning, design, and transportation policy. We provide free, open source, web-based, resources to citizens working to create a greener economy, address climate change, reduce oil dependence, alleviate traffic congestion, and provide better access to good jobs in healthy communities.

We believe that people make a city great. Yet, so many of the world’s great cities dedicate too much of their precious, limited public space – their streets – to motor vehicles rather than people. We are working to redesign our communities around public transportation and walkable, bikeable streets. We are transforming parking lots into public plazas, busy intersections into town squares, and congested highways into bike paths. We are taking back our cities, one street at a time. We invite you to join us!”


Vinyl Sticker Faces

I saw a few of these around the Market area. I love ’em.

And my apologies if the blog has come to resemble an RSS feed in the last little while. I’m too busy to have much time for screeds and rants.


Brighton Subterranean Art!

Brighton Subterranean Art

This is an awesome idea, but then again you probably already know that I love the idea of Temporary Autonomous Zones and temporary public space improvement.

From the website:
“TAA’s are free, open access art exhibitions that take place in disused and reclaimed spaces throughout the UK.

Reclaiming space that has no other immediate purpose, we will be repairing, making safe and improving the building we use before transforming it into a vibrant, organic, artistic statement.

We want the people of Brighton to come together to create a cultural, interactive autonomous space where people are free to be, free to create and free to express themselves.

Artists, musicians, writers and performers who otherwise would have no outlet, are invited to display their work uninhibited by the normal constraints placed on the current artistic climate. The space is used respectfully and intelligently, for genuine community development, creating fields of opportunity for a future at no cost or harm to anyone else. We want to exhibit all forms of artwork; drawings, paintings, sculptures big and small, photography, installations and more. Showcasing poets and vocalists, films and performance, words and concepts born out of the free party underground movement. These spaces of reclaimed freedom have been making a significant contribution to an alternative art world.”


Wanna rent some art?

I thought I might as well make a plug for Art Lending Ottawa

They’ve got good rates if you’d like to rent some art. So check ’em out.


Birdhousin’ and Swine Flu Prevention

The mission to provide low-cost, prefabricated housing to Ottawa’s bird community finally saw success yesterday.Birdhouse!
This birdhouse was built entirely out of scrap wood which I found at construction sites or in trash piles. Building it wasn’t that half as much of a challenge as hanging it was.

Due to unforeseen complications related to the wire I chose to hang it with and maintenance workers, I wound up hanging it in a public park.

Swine flu

Go check out the corner of Bank/Slater Streets for the newest streetart piece, courtesy of Elmaks/ MMDCCI