Street Art Updates coming soon…

I’ll be uploading pics of one of my newest projects within the next couple of days. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some action/installation shots as well.

I’ve recently gotten into grad school and will be starting a 2-year urban planning program in September. Now I’ve been thinking of the ways which street art might be harnessed in the service of urban planing and design. How can I draw on an art form whose beauty comes in part from its transience in order to build something more permanent?

I’ve been reading the book “Deleuze and Guattari for Architects”, which looks at certain key ideas of the two French philosophers in an architectural context, recently. One phrase in particular has been running through my mind for days.

“Vitruvius inscribed a square and circle around the human figure, and these forms were seen to embody something important about the human form…Renaissance drawings show grids of squares with human figures superimposed across them, which turn into the ground-plans of churches, and in doing so embody divinely ordered proportion. The body in the Deleuze-and-Guattari world is utterly different. It shits and fucks, is engaged in processes of production and consumption, and it connects in multifarious ways within itself and with its surroundings”

Working from this, how should we design our environments for what we really are rather than for an idealized image of ourselves?


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