Useful Advice

This was one of my favorite street pieces to make. To put it together I went to Value Village for the wood box, Irving Rivers for the (dummy) bullets, a dollar-store for the cap-gun and CANUS Plastics in order to dig through their box of discarded plexiglass odds-and ends.

I wanted to make something that would catch people’s attention and make them smile, as well as something that would reference Halloween (which was then about two weeks away). I’ve made a few “IN CASE OF X BREAK GLASS” style street pieces, and I like the format as it gives me a chance to insert a bit of absurdity into the lives of Ottawa-dwellers. Bright-red glass-fronted boxes are a symbol and tool-set deeply ingrained into our culture. They contain tools which will supposedly keep us safe and/or get us out of a certain emergency situation which might arise, and warn of a potential danger at the same time.

One of the reasons which I love making street art like this is that it gets people to reconsider their surroundings. Folks will start walking around with their heads up and their attention focused on looking for other things they might not have previously noticed before. A piece like this or one of the Swap Boxes can get people coming back to interact with it and see what has changed since their last visit.


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